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I recently came across Spanish design duo livingthings on and fell in love with their product Voltasol. The ceramic plant pot has a semi-conical base which allows it to follow the movement of the sun. The movement of the pot can me made by you to ensure your plant is getting sunlight on all sides. Left alone, the plant will move naturally, chasing the sun.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 13.21.40

The pots come in a great range of colours and I want them all!


I can’t wait to add some more colours to my collection, and it’s always good to have an excuse to buy more plants.

Confetti Wall


We’re thinking of moving in the next few months so most people would think it’s a bit silly to attempt a bathroom makeover now. Even if I only get to enjoy this for 2 months, it’s still worth it and better than the blank wall that was there before! This DIY is really easy and is non-permanent and easy to remove so it’s perfect for renters.



You will need


Sheets or roll of sticky back plastic / self adhesive vinyl (I used 2 A4 sheets of black matt vinyl)

Craft knife / scissors

Cutting surface



Here is how the wall looked before. It’s a small bathroom, with no natural light (hence the terrible photos!). It’s a new build, so everything is very modern but white and BEIGE. I wanted to create a feature wall, on the wall which we see and use most.



Using your ruler and scissors / craft knife, cut your vinyl into strips and then cut into equal, smaller strips. My strips measure 6cm x 1.2cm. Once you have a nice big pile of confetti, it’s time to decorate your wall.


Wipe down the wall surface first to make sure it’s clean and dust / dirt free. Arrange your confetti in a random arrangement, trying to keep them all quite evenly spaced. But if you’re not happy with the placing of your confetti, simply remove and re-stick. Keep going until you’ve filled your wall. I got so far standing but then got on a stepladder to finish the top half.


I’m really happy with the finished wall. It’s something a little more interesting in what was a really dull space (it’s a bathroom, how exciting is it going to get?). And I think the pattern actually helps me wake up in the morning when I see it. How removable the vinyl is will depend on the surface of the wall. Always do a test first to make sure you will not damage your paintwork! I chose black vinyl to try to dampen down the beige bathroom vibes but I’d love to try a multi-coloured confetti pattern somewhere.




A Christmas Tree Alternative

tree 3

We put our Christmas tree up over the weekend. I couldn’t have a tree last year because I lived in a tiny studio so I was glad to be reunited with all my decorations this year. I’ve been thinking a lot about alternatives to a traditional Christmas tree. I’ve always loved the sparse look of and how great a small collection of decorations look  displayed this way.

I made this Christmas tree alternative using some 6mm MDF, leftover paint, wooden hooks and my favourite decorations. The wooden triangle measures 120cm wide x 140cm high. Most timber yards/DIY stores can cut this for you but if you want to downsize the tree you can create the same look with cutting the same shape out of mount board / cardboard.

tree 2


Bedroom Makeover


I’m so happy that our bedroom is now finally finished and I can reveal the end result. The room is very small (thank you London) and we have limited space and light and so wanted to keep the area as clean and clutter free as possible. We’re allowed to paint our rented home but really like the clean, open feel a white wall gives so kept the walls as they were.  We also wanted to have calming colours and accessories and also to include one of my favourite things and major inspiration – plants. The one thing that’s been missing since we moved in is the perfect bed. We searched around for a bedstead that we really loved and chose one from this Argos range.


Habitat walnut bed frame | Argos

bed 4-2

Grey linen bedding | H&M  /  Ombré throw | West Elm   /   Palm print | The Poster Club

clothing rail-2

Vases | Atelier Stella for West Elm   /   Basket decoration | Vintage   /   Clothing rail | Custom made

shelf 2-2

Leather shelf | Make your own here   /   Wooden hand | HAY   /   Print | James Burgess

bed 3-2

Rug | West Elm

bed 2-2

Print | Olle Eksell   /   Copper light | Make your own here


I wanted to have plants all around the room, even though it’s small.  It makes the space feel very calm and peaceful which is exactly what we want for the bedroom. It also helps with the overspill of plants from the rest of the house. I’m running out of space for them all!


Now, I’m off for a nap in my new bed! Who’s with me?


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